Disaster Expert & Doctor, Mark Keim, MD

I believe in protecting people
BEFORE they become disaster victims

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 Who is DisasterDoc?

Dr. Mark Keim helps experts and everyday people to better understand disasters so that they can protect themselves, their families and their communities.

Disaster Medical Expert

A prolific author, speaker, consultant and the founder of DisasterDoc™, Mark is “one of the most widely recognized disaster medical experts in the world”.

Health Emergency Manager

His passion for managing health emergencies developed after he survived a tornado that destroyed his home and claimed the lives of 13 people.

Award-Winning Career at CDC

Mark’s near-death experience and an award-winning career at CDC shaped his life and inspired his message to the world – empowerment through prevention.


Empowerment Through Prevention

How is DisasterDoc getting this imperative information into the world?

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Media & Publications

DisasterDog in the Media: Buzzfeed, CDC, World Health Organization, Atlanta Business Chronicle and more

Consulting for Institutions

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